Moroccan Boho Rug (6.5×10 FT)


Handmade Moroccan Boho Rug, for a unique and original statement piece for your home. High quality, affordable mixed materials. Made in Morocco.

With its heavily fringed corners and distinctive geometric motif, this genuine Moroccan shag rug is made from undyed wool. Hand-knotted in Morocco, it offers a plush texture with geometric detailing that is characteristic of the aesthetic. This rug is sure to bring a touch of naturally chic style into your home.


Moroccan Boho Rug (6.5×10 FT)

Add a chicly earthy touch to your floor with this Moroccan Boho Rug. Sourced from ethically and sustainably sourced farms, this hand-knotted rug features a pocketless design, giving it an effortless flowing edge. With an organic, cotton-blend build and undyed wool, this rug is perfect for natural-leaning homes.

With a classic Moroccan design and muted colors that pair well with the earth tones of many decor pieces, this wool rug continues the natural aesthetic of your home.

Moroccan Boho Rug (6.5×10 Ft)

Moroccan Boho Rug (6.5×10 FT)

Size: 6.5 feet x 10 feet

Tribe / Region: Bani Warin

Circa: New

Material: Wool

these Moroccan braided rugs will add a touch of boho style and Moroccan flair to any room in your home. Hand-knit by Moroccan craftsmen, each wool is undyed, so it has a natural feel. Bring natural elegance into your decor with this Moroccan Boho Rug.

Bring naturally chic style into your home with this Moroccan shag rug, hand-knotted using wool from our tannery mill. You can create the perfect room to relax, play, or create with this distinctive braided Moroccan style.

  • This handmade product is unique. If the ordered design is not available we can produce one for you. Please note that the production process may take between 3 to 5 weeks.

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