Round Leather Pouf Ottoman, Set Of 2


The Round Leather Pouf Ottoman is everything you’ve ever dreamed of; get the look of Morocco in your home without breaking the bank. This Moroccan leather pouf is stylish, comfortable, and extremely versatile. With its design that beautifully blends traditional Moroccan motifs with modern, high-quality Moroccan leather, this Moroccan leather pouf adds a touch of Moroccan style to any space while providing years of wear and comfort.


This Set Of 2 Moroccan Round Leather Pouf Ottoman integrates with a charming Moroccan theme in modern boho California décor; we’re so fond of it! It’s very versatile and looks great in a living room, of course! But we love using it in the nursery (mom needs a footstool!) And it’s also pretty in the TV room to use as a low-rise seating option.

Round Leather Pouf Ottoman, Set Of 2

Round Leather Pouf Ottoman, Set Of 2

Moroccan Round Leather Pouf Ottomans are handmade out of premium quality materials! This Moroccan Leather Pouf Natural Tan is made of premium quality leather so that it looks elegant and durable enough to last you for years to come! Smaller models are perfect for smaller areas, while bigger models work amazingly well as chair ends! These Moroccan Poufs are perfect for so many different uses it’s ridiculous!

More Lovely Colours

We have a lot of colors to choose from. Can’t you see your favorite color? Contact us, and we can have one tailor-made for you.
The Moroccan Leather Pouf Natural Tan is a perfect option for an earthy-hued interior setting.

It is made of high-quality, natural cotton fill, making it feel soft and inviting to sit on. This pouf measures 70cm in diameter can accommodate several folks sitting around it.

Fill up your seat:

Our Leather Pouf Natural is sold without filling but is very easy to pack since there is a zipper along the bottom. You can use polyester mousse (pillow filling), and Ikea pillows are a great choice. (We love using these inexpensive pillow inserts that are full of duck feathers, and they’ll make your pillowcase full and sturdy.) You can also browse your closet to find new textiles like old jeans, old towels, and old clothes you don’t wish to wear.


Stuffing the Leather Pouf Natural with old clothes will make it heavier and is a great option, especially if you plan to sit on it. The polyester mousse will fill in nicely but will not make it difficult to sit on. Whatever you will be using, make sure your seat is filled to the maximum.


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