Moroccan Square Black Leather Pouf


The Moroccan Square Black Leather Pouf has a stylish design with an elegant French weave leather to give it a look that can elegantly complement your living or dining occasion. The pouf provides a comfortable place to relax after a hard day’s work. The soft yet chic design gives your room a soothing appeal.


Sink your feet into this luxurious and elegant leather Moroccan Square Black Leather Pouf and watch your worries drift away. Lovely and exceptionally practical, the square leather pouf is perfect for your living room or kitchen dining space. It has a leather cover and a layer of foam on the bottom to help insulate and keep you warm. However, we find the most delightful feature is its excellent comfort and durability.

Adult assembly requires more seats; that’s why our Square pouf comes in place; the pouf can use it in the living room or kitchen dining. Just put it on a clean spot only to avoid cleaning the leather frequently.

On the other hand, this Poufs square takes five days to 10 days for finished and ship soon

How is it made?

  1. After buying the skin, it is hand-painted and dried in the blazing sun of Marrakesh.
  2. Then cut and hand-stitched to get the square shape knitted pouf.
  3. Then sent to the outskirt of Marrakesh to be finished with silk embroidery by local Berber women.
  4. Five people are involved in making each square leather pouf, and this operation usually takes one day to be completed.

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Moroccan Square Black Leather Pouf

Moroccan Square Black Leather Pouf

If you can not find your desired color, contact us, we offer a cocktail of leather pouf ottomans to choose from, or we can have one tailor-made for you.

In general, these extra seating square ottoman poufs take 5 to 10 days to be finished and shipped to the united states.

Fill up your pouf DIY:

Our square natural pouf is sold empty but pack and kick your feet since there is a zipper along the bottom. You can use polyester mousse (used in pillow filling)

You can also browse your closet to find unused clothes like old jeans, old towels, solid wood pieces you don’t use anymore.

Discover steps on How to fill a Moroccan pouf

Moroccan Square Natural Pouf

Filling the Moroccan poufs with old clothes will make the overall product weight heavier, and it is an excellent option if you are not planning to use it as a storage ottoman.

The polyester mousse or whatever you will be used to fill, make sure your seat is filled to the maximum because the more you fill it in, the better it looks!

  • Do you want to buy in Bulk? Please feel free to contact us.


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